Switcheasy NUDE for iPhone 3G/3GS

The Switcheasy NUDE(available at switcheasy.com for $19.99) first show at CES 2010, is one of Switcheasy’s newest cases. It comes in a total of 6 different colors. I ordered this case from Switcheasy and while the shipping to Canada was a week, it was definitely worth it! Let’s start with whats inside. Switcheasy has been known for including “everything but the kitchen sink” and while the NUDE doesn’t include the typical things, they still give you some extras. They have included 2 screen shields, a squeegee and microfiber cloth, which I think show’s that a company really cares about the consumer.

The design of the case is very similar to other cases such as the Incipio Feather, Power Support Air Jacket and others. The difference however, is that Switcheasy has raised the bar. They start by making this case so thin that truly feels like there’s nothing on the phone.  This is the thinnest snap on case on the market right now(0.8mm) and you can definitely tell. I have a white iPhone, so I opted for the white and the two colors match up so closely at times I really forget there’s a case on here.

Where the case excels in size, it lacks in protection. This case offers the most minimal protection. The bottom, side volume/vibrate button’s and top of the chrome bezel are exposed leaving nothing there to protect. Also, while this case is so thin, that leaves no shock protection as well. It has no lay on the table design, which I didn’t like and thought they could have raised the sides up a bit more to protect the rest of the chrome. The cutouts for the camera, headphone, power, and volume/vibrate buttons are very precise. It has a “Revolutionary Duo UV Scratch Resistant gloss coating”, unlike the Feather(soft touch coating), and have yet to put a scratch in it.  Another thing I really liked about this case was the semi-transparency on it. The Apple logo shows thought faintly, which makes the iPhone feel even more like there’s nothing on it.(I was unable to get an image to come through on the camera of this!)

Overall, while this case really only offers back scuff protection, I really like it!  If you aren’t prone to dropping your iPhone and are usually careful where you put it(as most of us are!), I would definitely recommend you check it out. I love the feel of a naked iPhone and the NUDE come’s as close to that feeling, without sacrificing protection.


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