Agent 18 Limited Edition Digital Plaid for iPhone 3G/3GS

The Agent 18 Limited Edition Digital Plaid($29.95 @ is one of the newest cases to their limited edition lineup.  Agent 18 was kind enough to send me one for review and have had a good chance to test it out.

I was really impressed with the presentation of the product. They have taken an Apple-esque approach in how they package everything. Inside you get the following:

limited edition case

table stand

protective Shield

I really like that they included a table stand as it comes in handy when your watching movies, browsing on Safari/Twitter/Facebook, or just having your phone upright so you can see notifications.  Unfortunately, the way it’s designed you can only charge/sync your phone in the horizontal position while using the table stand.

The case itself is a hard plastic shell that snaps in just like other snap on cases. Being a hard plastic shell, it doesn’t offer any shock protection against falls. It has a soft touch finish which they don’t indicate on their website, so I was surprised and excited to find out that it was as I love the soft touch feel. The benefit to the soft touch cases is that it gives you that added grip and sense of security when holding your phone. I had no issues taking the phone in and out of the pocket with the case on and is not tacky as to attract lint or dust. The case was a bit of a tighter fit to install as well as remove, maybe due to being a thicker hard plastic unlike the Incipio Feather or Switcheasy Nude. but  in no means though is this case thick. I found the tight fit to keep dust from getting in the back, which usually happens with most cases regardless of the design. I have mixed thoughts about the protection. Unlike the Feather and the NUDE, this case offers slightly raised lip for a lay on the table design. The chrome bezel is still exposed, but having that lip allows for you to place it face down on the table worry free.  The bottom is completely open as well as the side for the volume/rocker panel. I wish they had made a cutout instead of leaving the side open entirely to protect the chrome a bit more. It does however provide 100% access to the buttons so there were no issues there. The power button as well as the headphone jack have generous cutouts so I had no issues with different headphone plugs.

Overall, this case is designed with moderate protection in mind, protecting you from basic bumps and scratches on the back and sides. I really liked that they included the raised lip but felt that if they would have made a cutout for the rocker/volume, it would have made it better. Having the soft touch finish made for a comfortable use and didn’t feel bulky in any way. If you’re looking for a case similar to the Incipio Feather or the Switcheasy NUDE, but want a little more that just a different color, this case is for you. They offer a variety of different designs and remember, be sure to grab one of these quick, as they’re limited!

COUPON CODE: A18Aut ( I will take this down once it is no longer valid)

Agent 18 has also given a coupon code for you readers for 15% off any purchase of $10 or more. This coupon code cannot be combine with any other code or offer!


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