Guide: Update your Galaxy Nexus from ‘yakjuux’ to ‘yakju’ 4.0.4 – Mac OS X

So you’ve purchased a new Galaxy Nexus phone from Rogers, Telus, Fido, Bell with hopes of having the latest updated; it turns out that there are two different builds, ‘yakjuux’ and ‘yakju’. The main differences between these two builds is that the ‘yakjuux’ build is pushed out by Samsung and the Yakju build is pushed directly from Google.  The benefit from having the ‘yakju’ build is that you will receive the updates much faster as they are being pushed from Google directly.

The current pushed versions of Ice Cream Sandwich:

YAKJUUX – 4.0.2

YAKJU      – 4.0.4

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to update your build from the ‘yakjuux’ to ‘yakju’ build of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 on Mac OS X. I am using OS X lion 10.7.3.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damages you incur to your phone by updating. I am merely writing a how-to guide and everything is done at your own risk.

Make sure you backup anything on your phone as this process will wipe everything.

First you will need to download the files required to install the update. I have taken the required files and zipped them into a single folder to save you some time – the folder contains the fastboot files needed as well as the ‘yakju’ files already extracted. You are going to want to extract the zip file to the Desktop. Leave the files inside the folder they came in as the terminal commands will be written for that folder name. You can download them from

Inside the “Nexus” folder, you will find the file “fastboot”. Open this up the way you would an application and let is run. It will ‘install’ whats needed. If you don’t, you will receive a permission denied reply when you try to run the fast boot commands.

Next download the Android File Transfer software for mac from and install.

We are going to start by unlocking the boot loader. This is needed so that we can install the ‘yakju’ image files. Note: This is not the same thing as rooting your phone.

First you are going to want to plug-in your Nexus and make sure that the Android File transfer recognizes the phone. If it does, power down the phone with it still being connected to the computer.

Next, boot the phone into recovery mode. To do this, power down the phone and restart it by holding the power and volume up/down buttons until you see the recovery screen.

Next, we will unlock the Bootloader. To do this, open up Terminal(located in your Applications->Utilities folder)and type the following commands.

1.) cd ~/desktop/Nexus        (hit enter after typing each one if these commands)

2.) ./fastboot devices

If everything is installed correctly, you should see xxxxxxxxxx fastboot(the numbers represent your serial number)

3.) ./fastboot oem unlock

4.)Your phone will ask you if you want to unlock the bootloader. Use the volume up button to ‘yes’ and select it by pressing the power button.

NOTE: THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA ON YOUR PHONE. Your bootloader is now unlocked.

Next we will install the new files:

5.)type ./fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primela03.img

6.) type ./fastboot reboot-bootloader

7.) type ./fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250xxla02.img

8.) type ./fastboot reboot-bootloader

9.) type ./fastboot -w update

At this point, the phone will automatically restart. Once the phone has booted to the factory startup screen, power down again and and boot into recovery mode.

We are going to now re-lock the bootloader. Keep in mind that if you choose to lock it and want to update to a future version, you will need to re-unlock it and thus erase everything again. If you decide that you need to send it in for warranty, you will want to re-lock it.

To lock the bootloader:

In the Terminal, type the following:

1.) type ./fastboot devices

2.) type ./fastboot oem lock

Your bootloader is now locked again.

3.) ./fastboot reboot

Your phone is now updated to the latest firmware, Android 4.0.4. You will now be able to receive the future OTA updates directly from Google.

Guide for updating on a PC will be written shortly.


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171 responses to “Guide: Update your Galaxy Nexus from ‘yakjuux’ to ‘yakju’ 4.0.4 – Mac OS X

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  2. tom white

    Thanks for the tutorial, but it’s not working for me. Every time I try running the commands it says operation not permitted. Any idea?

    • digitaligloo

      Have you installed the software already as well as placed the folder on the desktop? Have you unlocked the bootloader yet? If you could please provide a little more information.

      • tom white

        I installed the software and placed the folder on the desktop. I already had android file transfer installed. AFT reads the phone just fine. I powered it off, put it in bootloader mode. I opened up terminal and navigated to the folder. I then tried executing ./fastboot devices and all I get is operation not permitted. I tried the unlocking command and also nothing. I made sure usb debugging was checked on and retried the process several times. Any idea? thanks for your help.

        • digitaligloo

          I just tried this myself, and was able to do it just fine. Here is the log of what I typed. I have edited my serial number but the commands are the same.

          Nathans-MacBook-Pro:~ nathan$ cd ~/desktop/Nexus
          Nathans-MacBook-Pro:Nexus nathan$ ./fastboot devices
          **************** fastboot
          Nathans-MacBook-Pro:Nexus nathan$

          Please post a log of your terminal. When you have your phone connected to the computer, does it says FASTBOOT MODE in red on your phone?

      • tom white

        Yes, it does say fastboot mode in red. Here is what I get.

        Tom Whites-MacBook-Pro:~ tom$ cd ~/desktop/Nexus
        Tom Whites-MacBook-Pro:Nexus tom$ ./fastboot devices
        -bash: ./fastboot: Operation not permitted

        • digitaligloo

          Try these steps:
          Turn off USB debugging
          Disconnect phone from the computer
          Close terminal
          Power up phone in recovery mode
          connect via usb to the computer
          open up the terminal and try the commands again. If you are able to see your Nexus from the Android File transfer program, this should work.

      • tom white

        No luck, I’ll keep trying though. Thanks for your help.

        • digitaligloo

          Also, open the fastboot file like you would an application. It looks like it installs something. Maybe thats what your missing.

      • tom white

        That’s exactly what it was! Thank you soo much.

        • digitaligloo

          Glad I could help! Be sure to share with anyone who may be looking to do the same!

          • Yeah I have to admit I was pretty dipepsointad with this update. Got all excited for nothing; not to mention I had to go to all the trouble of downloading it on my PC and transferring it to my phone instead of just downloading it directly only to find out the update isn’t as great as I had expected.I won’t lie though; the boosted browser speed is really nice. I don’t know if it was as slow on everyone else’s phones as it was on mine, but now it runs at a speed that’s at least bearable.- Jeremy

      • hey dude – i would also assume these instructions would work with the latest 4.1.2 images google have just released? It’s just following the same instructions, but a different download?

        • I am researching inoarmftion on my paternal Great-great-great Grandparents who lived in Sterling, NY in 1860. Their names are William James born 1818 and died before 1893 and Phoebe Ann Doan James born abt 1820 and died in Martiville May 1898. My great great grandparents were Jessie James son of William and Phoebe James and Adeline Sweeney James. I am trying to find more inforamtion on this family. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Anita Davis Surphlis

  3. Imad

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I bought my phone from Fido in Canada, it came with version 4.0.1 and my build number is ITLF41F.I9250UGKL1. All tutorials I found talk about upgrading from version 4.0.2. Do you know if I can still use your tutorial? Your help is very appreciated

    • digitaligloo

      Yes, you can still use it. When I updated to 4.0.4, my ‘Rogers’ Galaxy Nexus was on 4.0.1.

  4. Garets10

    This is for any carrier right im on tmobile international gsm galaxy nexus but my gnexus is on yakjuxw can i still use this

  5. obront

    hi, Android File Transfer recognizes my phone normally but when i reboot into recovery AFT doesn’t recognize it anymore and i can’t type any terminal commands (./fastboot: Permission denied.)

    • I had this same issue. You need to change the permissions for the folder (Nexus). Try the following:

      $ chmod 777 ~/Desktop/Nexus
      $ chmod 777 ~/Desktop/Nexus/*

      The icons in the folder should now look slightly different. Now double-click on fastboot, and it should install properly. The rest should now work as well 🙂

  6. obront

    i installed the full android SDK and got a newer version of fastboot (it’s also 82k instead of 160k that yours is) and then it all worked out. thanks!

    • digitaligloo

      Obront, I need to add to the beginning of my guide that you need to open the fast boot file as you would an application. This installs whats needed to run the commands.

  7. Worked perfectly for me. One exception, my phone came unlocked. So I passed the unlock step.

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  9. mainev3nt

    when i try to do the terminal part i type in the 2nd command cd ~/desktop/Nexus then nothing happens? it just keeps repeating and it wont show the serial number ?? any help?

    • digitaligloo

      You won’t see anything until you type the next command. The only thing that typing cd ~/desktop/Nexus does is direct your future commands to be out of that folder. You need to type ./fastboot devices for it to recognize and show the serial number. Please follow the instructions closely.

      • mainev3nt

        sorry im an idiot i meant when i type ./fastboot it does that it just keeps on repeating that command and doesnt show the serial number

      • mainev3nt

        When I typed in ./fastboot devices nothing would happen and basically just make me try to put the code in again I will post the log tomorrow

      • mainev3nt

        here this is the log when i try to do it
        Mikes-Computer:~ mike$ cd ~/desktop/Nexus
        Mikes-Computer:Nexus mike$ ./fastboot devices
        Mikes-Computer:Nexus mike$

      • mainev3nt

        so do you have any idea where i went wrong?

  10. Jeremy

    Hey Everything went smoothly, but now my phone is constantly rebooting?????????? HELP lol!

    • Bek

      missing or wrong img for something caleld PB99 and if I try to use the Telstra rom update program from the HTC site it wont flash back to the stock rom it came with because the phone is not being picked up by my pc (running win7 64bit) when I type abd devices into cmd (running SDK Manager). The goldcard I made with g-parted doesnt have a proper backup either. I swapped from CWM to AD Recovery 2 and it picks the sd card up on my pc and I can install roms etc but it just keeps freezing on the the first telstra splash screen. Can anyone help me?

    • October 10, 2011 at 5:19 pmGreat review i found it iniaomrtfve and unbiased which is rare nowadays with youtube reviews. I will definitely be buying one now because of this review. If you can answer one question it would be great. I have a blueant bluetooth car kit and i can receive calls and use the navigation via my voice can i still play audio to my car via the 3.5mm audio jack? Will i have to stop it manually if i wanna answer a call? will it go quiet automatically when i receive a call? Should i go to your forum? Reply

  11. Jeremy

    NeverMind I figured it out! LOL Sorry for being a newb! What I ended up doing was rebooting too soon. Anyways thanks a ton! Does it matter if the boot loader is unlocked or locked besides warranty? Also what do you mean upgrade to future versions?

    • digitaligloo

      Besides the warranty, it doesn’t matter. When I mean unlocked, if you choose not to wait for the OTA update and Google has uploaded the factory image, you can repeat the process much quicker. Glad it all worked out. Be sure to let others know about the guide/site as I will be updating it regularly.

      • mainev3nt

        so is there anything I can do about my problem because I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong also I agree with jeremy you should definitely make a video for noobs like me

  12. Jeremy

    You should make a Root video as well for Mac users!! Thanks a ton! Much appreciated! Keep it up! 🙂

  13. Going to try this tomorrow, Looks like a great post, Just to confirm, After doing this we will get all OTA updates directly from google? and This is the most recent 4.0.4 build, I read recently that a new build was released with a radio fix or something?

    • digitaligloo

      Yes, you will receive the update via OTA. Please check my article on how to force check for an OTA update for further instructions.

  14. AndyH_STi

    Thanks very much for the write-up! I used it successfully to update my Galaxy Nexus from the yakjuzs build (4.0.2) to the new takju imm76i build (4.0.4), everything went very smoothly! Looking forward to getting future updates directly from Google instead of waiting for Samsung to push them out to me. Cheers!

  15. This is great, worked and now it updating to! Found this link via Android Central. 🙂

  16. Jason

    Much thanks. Everything worked as you described. I was very disappointed when my “unlocked” Galaxy Nexus from Rogers was locked to the Samsung update timeline.

    • digitaligloo

      Glad it worked. I was disappointed as well to find this out. I have noticed no difference between the two builds in terms of signal quality – features however, your getting the latest. Please share and rate if you found the guide helpful. I appreciate it.

  17. jp

    After step 7) I run into this error.

    error: cannot load ‘radio-maguro-i9259xxla02.img’

    What am I missing here? Any help would be much appreciated

  18. Excellent article! I’ve posted a “follow up” post that contains Rogers’ APN info if anyone has trouble with data after the switch.

    • htc hd7 the very best love it. But what i don’t much preciate is look at how much space left there is on the sceern left part of the sceern when u see the desktop mainpage of the htc hd7 it has a large black bar on the side sceern making it as if it was a small sceern during desktop sorta to speak.

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  20. Thanks for this very easy to follow article. I have linked it on my blog as well. I didn’t notice John’s post until now, my Roger’s account was not working on Data either and I had to go change it from chatr to Rogers, but didn’t need the APN info just needed to check Rogers. I have updated my blog to point this out.

    • digitaligloo

      Glad it worked for you. It find it most frustrating when you are looking for something and its always half written out. I will update my blog to include the APN information as well.

  21. Dan

    Totally helped! thank u

  22. Ray

    Just flashed my phone 4.0.4 and all was well until yesterday. Blank signal bars with an x – no radio, data, nothing. I tried both hard and soft reboot (i.e. removing the battery and simply restarting), but no luck. Thankfully, I have the HTC desire Z, so I’ve got a backup phone. Has anyone seen an issue like this? I was told from another forum that I need to reflash the phone. I don’t mind doing that, but I’d like to know what the cause is – I mean what’s the guarantee that I won’t run into this again?

  23. Hello, I tried running this is update but its not working. When i set my phone in recovery mode, It shows me a red triangle with (!). Any idea why?

  24. Awesome, thanks!

    Quick question, though. Next time there’s an OTA update, will I need to go through this entire process again, or will it just work as it should?

  25. François

    Hi, I live in France / Europe and have a ‘yakjuxw’ version. Can your tutorial work for me ? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • digitaligloo

      Yes, it will work for anyone running a GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

      • Hi – I too have a YAKJUXW. When I tried to use it it refused to go beyond

        type ./fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primela03.img

        said something about unable to partition or some such thing. So for fear of bricking my phone I sort of aborted the attempt. I tried this command a couple of times but it said the same thing both the times. I had unlocked and run fastboot etc. before and my phone is unlocked. The only thing was my bootloader was unlocked to start with so I locked it and then unlocked it.

        Any suggestions ?

        • unencumberedthoughts

          Precisely – here is a screen grab from the line that didnt work…

          Rameshs-MacBook-Pro:Nexus rameshsreekantan$ ./fastboot flash bootloader-maguro-primela03.img
          unknown partition ‘bootloader-maguro-primela03.img’

  26. Adil

    Thanks… This was a lifesaver, especially for a person who doesn’t have a Windows PC! Very simple instructions and worked like a charm. Thank you so much! I moved from YAKJUZS (the Hong Kong-Samsung update version) to YAKJU. Found out about this issue just a few days back when my phone wasn’t working with the Dock I just got, and a colleague’s worked.

  27. Dean

    Thank you so much for this guide.

    • Ely

      MatDiggyIs it possible to make a Bravo Downgrader HBOOT for Telstra Desire? I used andiord flasher as i pointed out in my last post, so it didn’t work with your file to get the functionality of flashing hboot i fastboot. I guess it was because i already had cm7r2 hboot? Should i rename your file the same as the original hboot file (, or should i leave it like it is (

  28. AFT crashes as soon as I plug in my phone. Any suggestions?

  29. Ryan

    heres my terminal log from when i try.Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ cd ~ /desktop/Nexus
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ ./fastbootdevices
    -bash: ./fastbootdevices: No such file or directory
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ ./fastboot devices
    -bash: ./fastboot: No such file or directory
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$
    what am i doing wrong? when you say open fast boot like an application do you mean just double clicking?

    • Ryan

      here is another shot of my terminal…just trying different variationsLast login: Sun Jun 17 20:32:44 on ttys000
      Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ cd~/desktop/Nexus
      -bash: cd~/desktop/Nexus: No such file or directory
      Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ cd ~ /desktop/nexus
      Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ ./fastboot devices
      -bash: ./fastboot: No such file or directory
      Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$

      • Ryan

        here is what it says when i run fast boot.usage: fastboot [ ]

        update reflash device from
        flashall flash boot + recovery + system
        flash [ ] write a file to a flash partition
        erase erase a flash partition
        getvar display a bootloader variable
        boot [ ] download and boot kernel
        flash:raw boot [ ] create bootimage and flash it
        devices list all connected devices
        reboot reboot device normally
        reboot-bootloader reboot device into bootloader

        -w erase userdata and cache
        -s specify device serial number
        -p specify product name
        -c override kernel commandline
        -i specify a custom USB vendor id

        [Process completed]

      • Do you have the “Nexus” Folder on your desktop or still in the download folder?

      • Gummynex Rom is by far the best ROM that I’ve used, lets you control cpu/voltage, leoskcrecn, UI settings, System UI tweaks and LED plus etc… that im not going to go over. I might mention that it does use the the stock UI but it can be customized without the use of Novalauncher which is good for you that want to keep it completely sock. A great kernel to put on is the trinity kernal gets 31.5 on Nenamark2 and 3000< on quadrant.

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  31. Richey

    What do we have to re-lock the bootloader?

  32. gsof

    Hey thanks a lot for the article but i’m having some problems … and i will need some help pls!!! (it’s my first time on something like this) .First of all when you are saying recovery mode you mean …after i push the three button at the same time … the android robot shows up and above it there is the word start , i have to choose (with the volume up-down buttons) the recovery mode (in red colour ) and then push the power button to choose it …and then on the screen will show up a smaller android robot with an triangle and a exclamation mark ??? i am right? up to now
    Second when i did that in the bottom of my screen was saying LOCK STATE-UNLOCKED now will i have to follow the same procedure or skip the unlock ???? and last but not least when i tried to do everything i described and start to write the commands (i was in the recovery mode i told you before) sudenly the phone reboot without hit enter or actually do nothing!!!! Pls help me.

  33. gsof

    and something else i almost forgot the product name of my nexus is yakjuxw and not yakjuux is that a problem ????

  34. Rog

    Thanks so much for this guide. It worked like a charm and was SO easy. Thanks to Google’s back up system, I didn’t even have to worry about my aps, they downloaded automatically upon conclusion of these guidelines.

    ******* I had the APN issue which scared the heck out of me; but of course there was an easy fix.

    I do have a question. Does this whole operation void my warranty? (I did relock the bootloader)

  35. Rick Rose

    Just did this — got an error in the middle says…
    Robot-Elder-No-1:Nexus rick$ ./fastboot -w update
    archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘system.sig’

    What do they mean?

  36. Not a real issue, but it seems I can not take screenshots.

    Also are you working on a Jelly Bean version?

  37. isaac boro

    Thank you!!!

  38. Angel Feliciano

    thanks for the info worked like a charm the first time!!! here’s a tip for all you fools doing it wrong make sure you’re “cd”ing properly or you will have ton of problems also instead of retyping every command here just copy and paste them into the terminal window once you have “cd”ed over into the correct directory.

  39. josh

    Wow my friend you are the best! Glad i stumble on your tutorial!! thank you so much!! Easy like cake!

  40. Josh

    hey can you give us a little guide on how to flash the new jelly bean 4.1? I assume it would almost be the same instruction but a different command for the new image right?

  41. Dwayne Ford

    Question, once I use this guide to upgrade, will I still be able to receive the legit jelly bean update whenever it comes out? This guide is to take you from ‘yakjuux’ to ‘yakju’ 4.0.4, which should allow us to receive updates directly from google once they come out correct? thus not requiring me to go through another process once jelly bean comes out correct?

    If not does anyone know once jelly bean is released if canadian phones will be more likely to receive the update sooner than with previous versions like 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.4.

    Im currently with rogers and am still only running 4.0.1. …. starting to get frustrated.

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  43. thomas

    Does flashing the yakju build mean that my galaxy nexus is rooted? Also if i it is will i be able to put custom roms on it in the future ? Thanks

  44. jox

    Beautiful, works like a charm for my Telus mobile.

  45. sarb

    davinder-athwals-imac:Nexus davinderathwal$ ./fastboot -w update
    archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘system.sig’
    Bootloader Version…: PRIMEKK14
    Baseband Version…..: I9250XXLA2
    Serial Number……..: 0149B2851801A015
    checking product… OKAY
    checking version-bootloader… FAILED

    Device version-bootloader is ‘PRIMEKK14’.
    Update requires ‘PRIMEKJ10’ or ‘PRIMEKK15’ or ‘PRIMEKL01’ or ‘PRIMELA03’.

    this is what i got i dont know what to do

  46. Bri

    WOW! Thanks SO much for this… I just got a Nexus this week after coming form an iPhone for the past 5 years. I thought the Nexus was able to be updated without problem as it was not “skinned” with samsung/carrier crap.. but found out all about this yakju build etc just today reading about the JB release. My phone was a FIDO (Canada) phone and had 4.0.1 on it. I just followed your tutorial on updating to yakju build and now hopefully I will get the GOOGLE updates! yay!
    Now I just have to setup my phone again.. oh joy.. 😉

  47. Dwayne Ford

    The ‘fastboot’ file doesn’t seem to be working for me. When get to step two,”./fastboot devices” nothing happens. ANYONE with any suggestions, I’m new to this

  48. Shyam

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I use Wind Mobile in Canada and the baseband recommended on other sites is UGLA4. Since you have provided XXLA02, will that cause any problems for me in terms of signal strength, roaming etc? I tried to flash it with an UGLA4.img I found on another site instead of the XXLA02 that was provided. But the fastboot process would not let me do that, it required xxla02 instead. So what should I do?


  49. Ryan

    still having the same trouble any help is appreciated.
    here is my terminal….heres my terminal log from when i try.Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ cd ~ /desktop/Nexus
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ ./fastbootdevices
    -bash: ./fastbootdevices: No such file or directory
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$ ./fastboot devices
    -bash: ./fastboot: No such file or directory
    Kim-Hoppers-MacBook:~ kimhopper$

  50. Will you have a tutorial for the Jelly Bean update? That would be awesome. 🙂

    • digitaligloo

      I will try to write the tutorial, but I have since sold my Galaxy Nexus and purchased the HTC One X.

  51. dgopalan

    OMG!!!! I’ve been looking all over the interwebs for an easy to follow guide for a noob like so I can get Jelly Bean. You sir/madam have a gift. It was easy to follow, nary misstep to be had and now I am up on Jelly Bean.

    Thanks a bunch!

  52. fabt

    I thank you so much for this guide. I used it to switch my phone to yakju, and then installed the Jelly Bean. Thanks again!

  53. Knightfall

    Fantastic tutorial! Thank you very much! I had a scare at one point as the phone rebooted itself 3 times on it’s own, and then froze. I did a battery pull and it’s fine now. On 4.0.4 where it should be.

    Question is… It already said “Update found. 4.0.4” …What the heck? Do I do this or will it screw me over from getting Jelly Bean, the reason I’m doing this flash.

  54. tabj

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

  55. i bought my nexus full price factory unlocked. which step do i start at? I’m new to this

  56. pKiu

    Will following this tutorial let me update to Jelly Bean?

    • AndyH_STi

      Yes and no. It will get you over to the ‘standard’ version of the OS which *should* update faster to Jelly Bean as the update will come directly from Google and not via a carrier.

  57. cme314

    This was terrific, everything worked like a charm! I went into “System Updates” immediately after installation was over, and was pleased to see Jelly Bean downloading already. I thought I’d have to do something else to switch up to Jelly Bean. Thanks so much for sharing!

  58. martin

    worked like a charm – and im pretty much a noob in these things…THANK YOU!!!!
    will the phone stay yakju now? or is there a chance that it goes back to yakjuxw?

    • AndyH_STi

      I’m no expert either, but I seriously doubt your phone will switch back to yakjuxw. I switched my GN a few months ago and it didn’t revert back to the other version. You should be fine.

  59. Anis Enayati

    Hey ! Stupid question, if you could answer, why can’t I seem to pe opening the rar file and extracting it? It says I don’t have a necessary application .

    • Anis Enayati

      update: fixed this, but android file transfer doesn’t recognize my phone 9/10 times, and it doesn’t seem to be working now whatever I do

  60. Just updated my Rogers Galaxy Nexus from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4… yakjuux to yakju… in Canada.

    This took no more than 20 minutes… The instructions were easy to follow…

    Almost immediately my phone began to download the 4.1 JellyBean OS – which is what I was really looking for…

    Thank you!!

    PS: this was the first time I used any ‘terminal’ commands on my phone – and was therefore a little bit reluctant to try – but it all worked great… For all those searching for JellyBean – you have come to the right place.

  61. Bri

    btw, after doing this, the past few days I have been using the “Google Framework Trick” and managed to get Jelly Bean on the updated 4.0.4 yakju build. Yay!

  62. Hi Anis,

    Yup, it seemed that way… I installed the Android File Transfer on my Mac – then attached my GNex to the Mac via the USB cable…

    Nothing really special happened here other than a little USB symbol in my notification area…

    I then followed the instructions from this site to put the phone into recovery mode and continued with the Terminal commands on the Mac…

    Hope that helps 😀

  63. Jeff

    Thanks for the tutorial! Simple and straight forward. Thank You! JB downloading now!

  64. Evan

    This was BY FAR the easiest tutorial for changing to Yakju. I had no problems. Now I’m on JellyBean and haven’t had any problems (so far).

  65. This guide has saved me! Thank you so much for this! I tried the numerous guides for Windows (with my normal desktop PC), but none of em would work. They would contain difficult driver installations and a lot of steps to basicly get nowhere. The phone just wouldn’t accept anything. But then I thought about doing it with my Macbook Pro and together with your guide it worked like a charm and I’m now running Jellybean! Again, thank you so much!!!

  66. Kungfumango

    Can someone help me ? my mac (actually AFT) does not recognize my galaxy nexus in fastboot mode…

  67. Kungfumango

    Also when i type ./fastboot devices it responds no such file or directory

  68. Paul

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It worked perfectly and it was so easy!
    You are a life saver!

  69. Adam Didiano

    Hi, every time I enter the commands, it says no such file or directory.. like so: Adams-MacBook-Air:~ adamkoolkid1$ cd~/desktop/Nexus
    -bash: cd~/desktop/Nexus: No such file or directory
    Adams-MacBook-Air:~ adamkoolkid1$ :cd~/desktop/Nexus
    -bash: :cd~/desktop/Nexus: No such file or directory
    Adams-MacBook-Air:~ adamkoolkid1$

    How do I fix this? What did I do wrong? Please help!

  70. mike

    When can we expect the pc version of the instructions.looking forward to it

  71. John123

    Awesome. Thanks a lot!

    • 10x for record, i make play buottn but i don’t know how to make pause buottn.var click1 = 0;start.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,onstart);gathering onstart(event:MouseEvent) { if(click1 == 0) { click1 = 1; the boards.addChild(loadVideo(vid));//loadVideo( sample.flv ) } else { trace( The record is playing ); }}I want to see the second part of record.Sorry for poor English.

  72. VK

    Digital Igloo – when will you be posting the instructions for Yakjuux to Jelly Bean 4.1?
    Also, if I’m using windows, what do I have to do differently from the instructions above?

    • AndyH_STi

      Don’t hold your breath, elsewhere in the comments the writer mentioned that he no longer has a Galaxy Nexus.

  73. Dann

    I followed all the steps and believed I’ve re-locked fastboot mode but it keeps on recycling the google image and won’t start.

  74. chris

    Worked perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus (Bell) running 4.0.2 Yakjuux. The instant I updated to Yakju my phone started downloading the 4.1 update (Jellybean).

    Thank You!

  75. VK

    Chris – did you update on a PC or Mac?

  76. Regan

    Awesome – thank you for this. Was devastated when I found out the Nexus I’d just bought wasn’t getting jelly bean any time soon….but have flashed it now to Yakju and 4.1 update is downloading! Thanks!

  77. Colin

    can you do this again for 4.1

  78. Thank you so much for this! Just got my Galaxy Nexus from Telus and it was still on 4.0.1… Switched to the Yakju build, two system update and I am now on JellyBean!!

    Thanks again!

  79. dan

    followed your instructions but got stuck when trying to relock bootloader. every time i entered the command “./fastboot devices” it would return saying “no such file or directory”. but i found the solution…
    when relocking, the first command in terminal should be
    “cd ~/desktop/Nexus” and THEN “./fastboot devices”
    the rest now goes smoothly.

  80. Lataurus

    thanks so much.. i got it on my first try now updating to 4.1

  81. Cme

    Thank you for the simple and easy to follow instructions for mac. Works perfectly. Only change I made is to download the latest image from Google and made sure I used the correct name in terminal.

  82. Axepsy

    Just Brilliant! Mr Igloo you da man 🙂

  83. Rob

    How do I install Fastboot like an application?? I think this is confusing many people.

    • mar1300

      You double click on “Fastboot” that’s it you’re done, the exact same way as if you were installing an app. It may appear as if nothing happened : )

      Good Luck

  84. mar1300

    Thanks for this amazing step by step walk thru. I tried it this weekend and everything went perfect on the first try. The secret is to read and to follow each step exactly and you shouldn’t run into any problems. I now have Jelly Bean!!! it took me about 5-10 mins to unlock my phone. Best thing I’ve done for my Nexus!!

    Nexus: Rogers

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  86. alex

    after you download, what do you do after that? do i open it because if i try to open it, it says that no application for it???

  87. DY

    This is wonderful…even a luddite like me could accomplish it.

    To everyone who got “No such file or directory” after step 2.) ./fastboot devices, the whole process only works on Mac Lion OS. I tried for ages on Snow Leopard and was incredibly frustrated until I found a machine running Lion. On Lion, it was literally following the instructions above!

    • AndyH_STi

      “the whole process only works on Mac Lion OS”

      That is not correct, I was able to step through the entire process on my Mac, and I’m currently running Snow Leopard.

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  89. OMG thank u so MUCH for your easy to follow guide!! I am a newb to android and searched and searched for an easy to follow guide.

    Your the best and thanks for all your work and posting.

  90. Greg

    Used your guide today to reflash my brand new belgian (european) yakjuxw gn to 4.0.4 yakju. Only thing i did different were the files i used from

    Time to complete all steps: 10min.

    Thanks a lot!

  91. Can i use it if i have Snow Leopard?

  92. Clyde

    I would like to follow this guide, but i’m worried if it would work for my wind mobile galaxy nexus?
    i’m concerned about the radio aspect of it, like if it will still be the same frequency or spectrum or whatever.
    also, if we do this and something go wrong, or doesn’t work correctly, is there a way to revert back?

  93. jeff

    Worked for my Telus Galaxy Nexus in Canada. Took a little while to figure out.

    Had some issues with the bootloader not working and saying I didn’t have permission.

    Changed it by typing: chmod 755 ./fastboot

    The icon changed its look and went well from there. No major stumbling blocks. Now running Jelly Bean!

  94. MTLUV

    Thank you so much for this guide. It works perfectly! I have mountain lion and I had no issues! 😀 Thanks again!

  95. Hey diditaligloo,

    When I restart my phone connected to my mac (mountain-lion) the Android Transfer doesn’t recognize until I close and re-open it a few times. Do you think is safe to proceed with the tutorial?

    Thanks a lot!

  96. Anonymous

    Many Thanks!
    Very helpful, easy and fast tutorial to follow.
    Keep on doing your great work!

  97. notneeded

    THANK YOU!!! This guide was so straightforward and thank you also for linking all the needed files. GREAT WORK!

  98. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this very useful step-by-step guide. I just got rid of the ugly yakjuux and upgraded to the Google yakju one! immediately after, I received a message for an update to Android 4.1! Cheers

  99. adi

    Someone help, cant do anything with the rar file

  100. param

    amazing, thank u so much, i cant thank u enough for this.
    the only thing that i had to change in this tutorial is that instead of
    cd ~/desktop/Nexus
    i used..
    cd /desktop/Nexus
    and it worked out perfectly !
    i am using mac osx 10.6.8

  101. great! will try this out – galaxy nexus from australia(vodafone)

  102. Hadyu

    I recently got a galaxy nexus gsm(i know it’s a bit late to get it) and i immediately updated to 4.1.1. Then i found out out about the different firmware and was quite pissed. I came from an ios background android I have no idea how to use terminal. But from your tutorial i think i can. But can i know if I still can change my yakjuwx 4.1.1 to Yakju?

  103. Ward

    Worked Perfectly. Absolutely seamless… I just want to say, Thanks. It is very much appreciated that everybody puts forward whatever issue at the time as they help people like me reading this page, unsure as to wether I should do this, feel more at ease knowing that should something go not as planed, then the answers are most likely here on this page in peoples comments and questions. Though I had no problem at all. – Just follow the guide slowly and step by step!! Brilliant work Guys.

  104. Prateek

    Hey I’m currently on JB 4.1.1 and “yakjuxw” and not yakjuux. Can I still use this to change my nexus to yakju? If yes then what changes do I have to make? Someone please help. Thanks.

  105. Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely fantastic.

    I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific website.

  106. JashobeamTalbess,Help required! I’m stuck trinyg to update my hboot as per the instructions above. I cannot get Android flasher to work, it doesn’t seem to find the device and just goes not responding after a short while. Using fastboot devices from the command line yields a nil response. I tried copying the into the root of my SD card and fastbooting but that gives me a model ID incorrect, update failed error.I have a BRAVO PVT1 SHIP S-OFF with HBOOT 0.93.0001.Ideas?

  107. so much touch so much touch phones these days!I love touch no doubt, they need to have a good qwetry key boards to these phones that arnt so small that are touch

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    for your visitors? Is gonna be again ceaselessly to check up on new posts

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