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iTunes 10.7 update now available


Apple released an update to iTunes today bringing it to version 10.7. The update contains the following:

-Support for iOS 6 running on compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. This update also adds support for the latest iPod nano and iPod shuffle models.

To check for an update if it doesn’t automatically pop up is go to App Store > Updates


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iPhone 5 – In production, not in production?

With the multitude of rumours circulating Apples next iPhone, 9to5Mac is reporting that a reliable source at Foxconn tells them the new iPhone – dubbed the iPhone 5 – is already in production. It is reported that the new iPhone will have a 4 inch display, no teardrop design as originally indicated in rumours prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S and that it will also be longer/wider. The source is also the same one that the iPhone 5 was not going to launch last year, but rather what is now the iPhone 4S.

iMore went on later today to report that John Gruber(I have no idea who this is) believes that the iPhone 5 has NOT gone into production will maintain the same size with a larger screen rather than having a larger/wider phone.

Two opposite opinions leave one to wonder – Has the iPhone 5 gone into production, or is it still in the prototype stages? Here are my thoughts on whats happening:

Apple began working on the iPhone 5 in early 2011 and there were many rumours about the 4 inch display as well as having a radical new design.

Leading up to Apples ‘Lets talk iPhone’ Oct 4 event, speculation was high that it was going to be the iPhone 5 with many case manufacturers having already put cases into production on the phone, but also rumours were circulating that the iPhone 5 wasn’t ready and that an ‘upgrade’ to the iPhone 4 would be instead. Later we went on to find out that it would be indeed an ‘upgrade’ and the iPhone 4S was launched along with Siri, iOS5 and iTunes Match.

Following the launch of the iPhone 4S, rumours started floating around that the iPhone 5 that it wasn’t launched due to overheating issues due to the thinness, battery life issues and even that due to the health of Steve Jobs, they put the iPhone 5 back on the shelf and crammed new parts into the existing iPhone case.

With the Foxconn source being accurate with the previous iPhone as well as the fact that plans for the new iPhone have been in production for close to a year, I want to believe that his report is believable and the new iPhone is indeed in production. In regards to the statement that the iPhone won’t be longer/wider – why not? When the prototype of the iPhone 4 was found, people dismissed it as being real due to the fact that it wasn’t ‘Apple’s typical design’. Just because Apple doesn’t stick to what we have seen over the years, doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. They always have a reason for why they design something the way they do and everything needs to work together. They don’t just slap parts together and call it a day. Keep in mind that it has been said that it was Steve Job’s last big project that he worked on and rumoured to be a radical new design.  I think they have had a lot of time to work out the kinks and doesn’t surprise me at all.

If it is in production – this would give them enough time to start mass producing units in anticipation for a summer launch; as we’ve seen in the past.

What do you guys think? Has Apple started the production of the iPhone 5, or is it just another of the many rumours?

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Apple Store Warranty Experience

After noticing some hairline cracking around the speaker, screws, and volume switch, I decided to bring the phone in to see if something could be done about it. After calling my local Apple store(the only one we have in the city) and making an appointment with the Genius Bar(highly recommended to save you the hassle of waiting in store for someone available) I brought it in. The employee closely examined the phone and the cracks. I mentioned that I had seen other cases of this which seem to be deemed as a manufacturing defect, to which he replied that he has delt with this situation before. He asked me for the basic questions, one being if I have ever dropped the phone(he said that it wouldn’t change whether or not the would replace the phone) and went to the back to get a new one. He activated it, inserted my sim card, got me to sign a paper and was on my merry way. The overall experience was seamless and excellent. The only thing I lost was my screen shield that was installed but he even offered to try and salvage it, to which I replied that it wasn’t a big deal. Being my first time using the Apple Store for warranty, I didn’t know what to expect. My expectations were well beyond exceeded and would definitely go back for any future issues.

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether Apple will replace an under warranty iPhone that has these common stress cracks and the answer is yes. Providing you have not dropped the phone or it doesn’t look like its been through the war, you should have no troubles getting it replaced. Make sure that you backup your iPhone to iTunes before going to your appointment, because your old phone will be replaced. He did ask me if I backed it up, so I assume if you haven’t they would do this for you!

Feel free to post your experience regarding this issue or any other warranty issue.

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Agent 18 Limited Edition Digital Plaid for iPhone 3G/3GS

The Agent 18 Limited Edition Digital Plaid($29.95 @ http://www.agent18.com) is one of the newest cases to their limited edition lineup.  Agent 18 was kind enough to send me one for review and have had a good chance to test it out.

I was really impressed with the presentation of the product. They have taken an Apple-esque approach in how they package everything. Inside you get the following:

limited edition case

table stand

protective Shield

I really like that they included a table stand as it comes in handy when your watching movies, browsing on Safari/Twitter/Facebook, or just having your phone upright so you can see notifications.  Unfortunately, the way it’s designed you can only charge/sync your phone in the horizontal position while using the table stand.

The case itself is a hard plastic shell that snaps in just like other snap on cases. Being a hard plastic shell, it doesn’t offer any shock protection against falls. It has a soft touch finish which they don’t indicate on their website, so I was surprised and excited to find out that it was as I love the soft touch feel. The benefit to the soft touch cases is that it gives you that added grip and sense of security when holding your phone. I had no issues taking the phone in and out of the pocket with the case on and is not tacky as to attract lint or dust. The case was a bit of a tighter fit to install as well as remove, maybe due to being a thicker hard plastic unlike the Incipio Feather or Switcheasy Nude. but  in no means though is this case thick. I found the tight fit to keep dust from getting in the back, which usually happens with most cases regardless of the design. I have mixed thoughts about the protection. Unlike the Feather and the NUDE, this case offers slightly raised lip for a lay on the table design. The chrome bezel is still exposed, but having that lip allows for you to place it face down on the table worry free.  The bottom is completely open as well as the side for the volume/rocker panel. I wish they had made a cutout instead of leaving the side open entirely to protect the chrome a bit more. It does however provide 100% access to the buttons so there were no issues there. The power button as well as the headphone jack have generous cutouts so I had no issues with different headphone plugs.

Overall, this case is designed with moderate protection in mind, protecting you from basic bumps and scratches on the back and sides. I really liked that they included the raised lip but felt that if they would have made a cutout for the rocker/volume, it would have made it better. Having the soft touch finish made for a comfortable use and didn’t feel bulky in any way. If you’re looking for a case similar to the Incipio Feather or the Switcheasy NUDE, but want a little more that just a different color, this case is for you. They offer a variety of different designs and remember, be sure to grab one of these quick, as they’re limited!

COUPON CODE: A18Aut ( I will take this down once it is no longer valid)

Agent 18 has also given a coupon code for you readers for 15% off any purchase of $10 or more. This coupon code cannot be combine with any other code or offer!

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Switcheasy NUDE for iPhone 3G/3GS

The Switcheasy NUDE(available at switcheasy.com for $19.99) first show at CES 2010, is one of Switcheasy’s newest cases. It comes in a total of 6 different colors. I ordered this case from Switcheasy and while the shipping to Canada was a week, it was definitely worth it! Let’s start with whats inside. Switcheasy has been known for including “everything but the kitchen sink” and while the NUDE doesn’t include the typical things, they still give you some extras. They have included 2 screen shields, a squeegee and microfiber cloth, which I think show’s that a company really cares about the consumer.

The design of the case is very similar to other cases such as the Incipio Feather, Power Support Air Jacket and others. The difference however, is that Switcheasy has raised the bar. They start by making this case so thin that truly feels like there’s nothing on the phone.  This is the thinnest snap on case on the market right now(0.8mm) and you can definitely tell. I have a white iPhone, so I opted for the white and the two colors match up so closely at times I really forget there’s a case on here.

Where the case excels in size, it lacks in protection. This case offers the most minimal protection. The bottom, side volume/vibrate button’s and top of the chrome bezel are exposed leaving nothing there to protect. Also, while this case is so thin, that leaves no shock protection as well. It has no lay on the table design, which I didn’t like and thought they could have raised the sides up a bit more to protect the rest of the chrome. The cutouts for the camera, headphone, power, and volume/vibrate buttons are very precise. It has a “Revolutionary Duo UV Scratch Resistant gloss coating”, unlike the Feather(soft touch coating), and have yet to put a scratch in it.  Another thing I really liked about this case was the semi-transparency on it. The Apple logo shows thought faintly, which makes the iPhone feel even more like there’s nothing on it.(I was unable to get an image to come through on the camera of this!)

Overall, while this case really only offers back scuff protection, I really like it!  If you aren’t prone to dropping your iPhone and are usually careful where you put it(as most of us are!), I would definitely recommend you check it out. I love the feel of a naked iPhone and the NUDE come’s as close to that feeling, without sacrificing protection.

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Mophie juice pack air for iPhone 3G/3GS

Mophie’s juice pack air(available for $79.99 @ http://www.mophie.com) is the newest solution to the Mophie lineup. It is the slimmest 1200mAh rechargeable battery case on the market and comes in a variety of colors, Red being the newest with a soft touch finish. I have been using this case for a few weeks now and have some good and bad things to say about it.

First, lets see what you all get. Inside the box you get:

– juice pack air

– Micro USB to USB cable

– Instruction manual

Thats it! I was disappointed to find out that they didn’t include any screen shield and felt that after paying $80 for a case, it would have at least included one.

But for not having included a screen shield with the case, they have included a lot of great features into the product. They have a battery status indicator on the back that allows you to see the remaining charge that is in your battery pack and is easily accessed by the push of a button. They have also included a few new features with the juice pack air. An on/off switch that allows you to choose when you want to charge your phone. I thought this was a great feature as I could charge my phone when I wanted to and could reserve the battery for later if desired. Another new feature on this case is the two piece design.While using this as an everyday solution is great in theory, I found the bulkiness of this case to get in the way of everyday use. Keep in mind, while this is the slimmest case on the market that includes a battery pack, it still is quite large. I found it uncomfortable to wear in my pants pocket and while wearing it in a fleece jacket pocket, it pulled to one side. I would have also liked to see a bit bigger of a cutout for the volume and vibrate switch as I had to use my nail to flick it from vibrate to on. One last thing about the design is that it has no lay on the table design. There are no raised edges and the chrome bezel is completely exposed to scratches.

Charging the Juice Pack Air is very simple. I’m not sure why they decided to use a Micro USB as oppose to a Mini USB, a standard that has been used for most small devices for quite some time. Charging it for the first time I found to be a lengthy process. I contacted Mophie regarding this and they informed me that when the iPhone is connected, it maintains a 70/30 charge ratio; 70% being the iPhone and 30% the Juice Pack Air. This for me meant that I would usually end up charging the pack before I went to bed. If you have no problem taking the case out to charge it by itself every time, it does charge faster, but defeats the purpose. The status indicator on the back blinks as it charges and will display a solid 4 bars when it is full. Being a 1200 mAh battery, on one full charge of the case I was able to recharge the iPhone from dead back to 100%. This allowed me to use the phone almost an entire day without needing to worry about charging it up. A feature I really like that they included is their ‘Pass-through USB’ design. This means that you to to sync to iTunes of your Mac or PC without having to take off the case.

I’ve had a few questions regarding the signal/call quality with the pack. Others have reported that they have lost a bar or two or had dropped calls. I found that in areas where I had a strong signal, I had no difference in signal strength as well as no dropped calls. The weak signal areas however showed me problems, it would show ‘No Service’ or ‘Searching’ with the Juice Pack Air on where I normally would have one bar. Call quality was acceptable as long as I had a signal and callers on the other end said they had no problem hearing me. I never had the dropped call issue.

While this case does have its good and bad points, the good definitely outweigh the bad. This is a solid ‘all-in-one’ solution for traveling and Mophie has included a lot of great features with this case that make it a highly recommended purchase.

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