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Review: Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • Company – Spigen SGP
  • Product Name – Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid
  • Price – $24.99  Currently on sale for $13.99 (8/23)
  • Website – www.spigen.com

So you’ve bought your new Galaxy Nexus and want to protect it from nicks and scratches without sacrificing size? There are many different options out there, so today I’m going to give you my review of the SGP Neo Hybrid.

The Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid, a case retailing for $24.99, is available in 5 different colours. I was very excited to receive this case but was a bit disappointed to find that they didn’t include a screen shield; something that they are known for having the best of. I would have been willing even to spend a few dollars more for them to include one.

The Neo Hybrid, a two piece case, is composed of a soft silicon shell inner and a hard polycarbonate frame outer. The inner is made of a nice and smooth silicon which doesn’t pick up any lint or dust, unlike other gummy silicon out there that pick up everything. It is smooth but still provides some grip so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. The inner shell has both hard rubber covers for the volume up/down as well as the power button. The outer frame, has cutouts for the headphone jack as well as the micro USB charger. There are various cutouts for things suck as the microphone/camera and secondary mic. I was very impressed with how precise the cutouts were as well as how form-fitting this case is. There is no movement and the phone sits tight and secure inside thanks to several small notches that securely fasten the outer shell to the inner. Due to this design, the case is virtually an exact fit. There is no movement and the phone sits securely inside. I found that the cutout for the USB charger is almost flush when plugged in and you need to use a little force to push it in all the way. Nothing big enough to consider a negative.

Using this case on an every day basis has been nothing but a positive experience. I am able to slide the phone in and out of my pocket with ease and is very comfortable to hold in your hand. There is a raised  silicon lip around the frame which allows you to lay the phone face down as well as a slightly raised lip around the camera cutout – something you need to worry about if you’re not using a case. I didn’t take any more special case while using the phone than I normally would and after a few months, the case has held up extraordinarily. In and out of the pocket, sliding into the car upholder, onto the table and it with a quick wipe, there isn’t a scratch on the case – it looks as good as the day I bought. The polycarbonate shell was a concern when I bought it as past experiences with cases like this have resulted in the case looking very beat up.

So ff you’ve just purchased your Galaxy Nexus and are looking for the very best – look no further. Other than the fact that they didn’t include a screen shield, which I don’t think should be a deal breaker – I can’t find anything bad to say about this case. This is going to continue to be my every day protection until something can top it.

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