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iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup – My thoughts on Apple’s next smartphone

It seems the the past few weeks have been filled with leak after leak of alleged parts for Apple’s upcoming  ‘iPhone 5’ with the latest photo leaking being that of a new USB cable to 8/9 pin dock connector. Whether all of these leaks are real or not are up for debate but let me give you my thought on the current situation.


9to5mac reported a few weeks back what are to be leaked images of the upcoming iPhone 5 casing. It is featured to have an aluminum backing, smaller dock connector as well as the headphone jack moved to the bottom of the phone. While the image looks real, and I hope it is, i’m not holding my breath.

4″ Display

The only thing I think that’s safe to assume is that the next iPhone will include a new, larger 4 inch display: a much needed upgrade from their current 3.5″ retina display.  The iOS 6 beta has revealed in its code as well to support automatic upscaling to a larger 640 x 1136 from 640 x 960.


LTE/ 4G Radio

This is looking like a real possibility as the amount of LTE towers is rapidly increasing across North America, I think the only thing that would hold Apple back from including it would be its ability to get the battery life optimized to what is acceptable for them to release in a phone. Current generation smartphones that are LTE equipped notice a much faster drain than HSPA+ speeds. This is common sense, but Apple being the way they are, if it isn’t perfect, they wont include it.


The current iPhone 4S is equipped with a 1430 mAh battery. Recently leaked images(source: 9to5mac.com) of a what is proposed to be the new battery, features a slightly larger 1440 mAh battery. How much of a difference a 10 mAh increment will make doesn’t seem like a lot in my opinion.


Recent leaks of the proposed motherboard have suggested that Apple will include the A5X dual-core cpu that is in the current 3rd generation iPad. While these are merely a speculation, I would take this one with a grain of salt. It also has been rumored to include 1 gigabyte of RAM – this one as well is nothing more than speculation and is good as anyone’s guess. My thoughts are that this will be the minimum Apple will include their next generation iPhone.


Front/Rear Camera

Leaks of the proposed front panel show that the camera has been moved to the centre, just above the earpiece. Apple’s current generation iPhone 4S includes a VGA camera which I think will be upgraded to something that will be able to support HD FaceTime. Apple kept the same VGA camera in the front since the iPhone 4 and makes sense for them to upgrade as they are focusing on advertising FaceTime more than ever with iOS 6 including the ability to FaceTime over wireless. This may or may not have an impact on the camera they choose. They may limit the camera to VGA over FaceTime to improve quality in slower connection areas and enable HD for when connected to WIFI.

The rear camera is anyones guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept the same, 8-Megapixel camera that is on the iPhone 4S, with possibly some more advancements done to it. In my opinion there isn’t really a need to go above the 8MP and would be better to improve on what they already have done a great job with.



Prior to the iOS 6 announcement, I would have bet that this would for sure be included. When they announced Passbook and how it is mainly barcode based, I’m not so sure. Other than using it as a payment system, such as what Google Wallet has done, I don’t see a big use. Android has their NFC share option called ‘Android Beam’, and is nothing more than a fun gimmick in my opinion, I don’t think Google Wallet has taken off to what it had hopes of.  Take this along with the fact that many businesses still aren’t PayPass/touch pay enabled, I don’t see Apple rushing into including this. They don’t look to be interested in the mobile payment game when it comes to using your credit card for making payments, and more for storing gift cards, movie tickets, sporting events etc. As of writing this, I don’t think Apple will be including NFC in its next iPhone.


16/32/64 GB are the current options. Will they be including a 128GB option for the iPhone 5? Who knows, but what I am confident of is that the 3 current options will be available.

Final Thoughts

As many leaks as there has been, and while its entirely possible, I find it extremely hard to believe all the parts all real. Has Apple, the king of secrecy, lost its touch? At this point, almost the entire phone’s parts have been leaks and while I understand the theory of ‘controlled’ leaks as well as the fact that a lot of parts are made by third party manufacturers, I don’t believe Apple believes in it. Why not? Because they don’t have to. They know the hype that is self-built around their products and as a suggested release date nears, the amount of fake parts manufactured spring out left and right. Yes, I understand the iPhone 4 was found in its whole, prototype form, but this was merely an employee mistake. While the odds are good that a lot of these parts will end up being real, don’t be surprised if its entirely different. If I know Apple, I wont be.


Feel free to share your own thoughts and comments and please, respect others opinions.

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Mophie juice pack air for iPhone 3G/3GS

Mophie’s juice pack air(available for $79.99 @ http://www.mophie.com) is the newest solution to the Mophie lineup. It is the slimmest 1200mAh rechargeable battery case on the market and comes in a variety of colors, Red being the newest with a soft touch finish. I have been using this case for a few weeks now and have some good and bad things to say about it.

First, lets see what you all get. Inside the box you get:

– juice pack air

– Micro USB to USB cable

– Instruction manual

Thats it! I was disappointed to find out that they didn’t include any screen shield and felt that after paying $80 for a case, it would have at least included one.

But for not having included a screen shield with the case, they have included a lot of great features into the product. They have a battery status indicator on the back that allows you to see the remaining charge that is in your battery pack and is easily accessed by the push of a button. They have also included a few new features with the juice pack air. An on/off switch that allows you to choose when you want to charge your phone. I thought this was a great feature as I could charge my phone when I wanted to and could reserve the battery for later if desired. Another new feature on this case is the two piece design.While using this as an everyday solution is great in theory, I found the bulkiness of this case to get in the way of everyday use. Keep in mind, while this is the slimmest case on the market that includes a battery pack, it still is quite large. I found it uncomfortable to wear in my pants pocket and while wearing it in a fleece jacket pocket, it pulled to one side. I would have also liked to see a bit bigger of a cutout for the volume and vibrate switch as I had to use my nail to flick it from vibrate to on. One last thing about the design is that it has no lay on the table design. There are no raised edges and the chrome bezel is completely exposed to scratches.

Charging the Juice Pack Air is very simple. I’m not sure why they decided to use a Micro USB as oppose to a Mini USB, a standard that has been used for most small devices for quite some time. Charging it for the first time I found to be a lengthy process. I contacted Mophie regarding this and they informed me that when the iPhone is connected, it maintains a 70/30 charge ratio; 70% being the iPhone and 30% the Juice Pack Air. This for me meant that I would usually end up charging the pack before I went to bed. If you have no problem taking the case out to charge it by itself every time, it does charge faster, but defeats the purpose. The status indicator on the back blinks as it charges and will display a solid 4 bars when it is full. Being a 1200 mAh battery, on one full charge of the case I was able to recharge the iPhone from dead back to 100%. This allowed me to use the phone almost an entire day without needing to worry about charging it up. A feature I really like that they included is their ‘Pass-through USB’ design. This means that you to to sync to iTunes of your Mac or PC without having to take off the case.

I’ve had a few questions regarding the signal/call quality with the pack. Others have reported that they have lost a bar or two or had dropped calls. I found that in areas where I had a strong signal, I had no difference in signal strength as well as no dropped calls. The weak signal areas however showed me problems, it would show ‘No Service’ or ‘Searching’ with the Juice Pack Air on where I normally would have one bar. Call quality was acceptable as long as I had a signal and callers on the other end said they had no problem hearing me. I never had the dropped call issue.

While this case does have its good and bad points, the good definitely outweigh the bad. This is a solid ‘all-in-one’ solution for traveling and Mophie has included a lot of great features with this case that make it a highly recommended purchase.

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